We Work From The Air Also

We provide Drone services for monitor and track productivity on all your large and small scale construction projects with detailed aerial views with high quality, recorded and live updates. We collect comprehensive data for site planning and modeling. We offer cost-effective volume calculations and analysis. Identify challenges and opportunities presented by the terrain to assist every phase of a construction project. Accurate 2D and 3D aerial maps and topographic surveys – drones capture detailed photos of a large area, allowing you to identify obstacles and take advantage geo-spatial data.

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 Give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss your land surveying needs, and prepare a free estimate should you decide we can be of service to you.                 

Land Surveyors and Mappers

FL Lic: LB8223

​​​HighTech & Hard Work

Are you looking for a professional firm to help locate the boundary of your property? Galldo Group Inc is an expert, regularly performing residential and commercial surveys in South West of Florida State across a diverse spectrum of property types. Our expertise delivers professional results, competitive prices and we work quickly to meet your time-frame. Galldo Group Inc utilizes state of the art technology to provide fast, precise results for your surveying project. In the field we use cutting edge Drone, GPS and Robotic equipment. In the office we use the most advanced survey and mapping software available today.