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Land surveys give you the exact boundaries of where your property lines begin and end. They can save a lot of hassle and money in case of disputes because they are legally binding and professionally certified.Part of the professional counselor's job is to investigate property facts and other official records for comparison with physical markers such as fences and walls. If your property has been well documented, you will save time in the process, which ultimately saves you money. Likewise, the more a professional needs to travel to get to the property, the more he will pay.
Hiring a land surveyor costs around $ 387 for a regular lot (80Ft by 125Ft) according to this area average (SW Florida) for different land surveying companies, but fees can range from $ 275 to $ 500, depending on the lot size, geographic location and age of the lot. The larger your estate, the more you can expect to pay to have it surveyed. Cost differs among professionals and regions, and theres no hard-set, per-acre rate. The professional will have to take these things into account when working at home, and will even have to re-establish boundaries. Like all home projects, there are a variety of factors that can affect the final price.
Similarly, the harder the terrain, the more expensive an assessment will be. Just like the way a roof step can affect rates, so does the location of your land. Flat and clears lots generally cost less than those with a lot of undergrowth or tree cover.

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