Gaby Penton


Licensed Real Estate seller in the state of Florida, It is also associated with Southwest Florida Realtors Association. She also graduated from the East University in Venezuela obtaining two bachelor's degrees: one in Public Accounting and the other in Business Management.

Mission Statement

Galldo Group Inc knows that architecture is more than designing buildings. We  work with our clients to layout memorable spaces.

Guillermo A. Guerrero P.S.M.6453

Is an old school land surveyor and he has gone long way in this world of topography, he has great mastery of the most modern point cloud software, 3D maps, and more. Has worked on major projects such as the I595 Expressway in Broward County among others, his vast experience makes Galldo privileged to have a highly qualified professional like him.

Land Surveyors and Mappers

FL Lic: LB8223

Our Team

Our Foundation

 Galldo Group Inc. specializes in all forms of traditional land surveying, like boundary surveys, subdivisions and partitions, topographic surveys, and preparing legal descriptions. We also provide land use planning, as well as, GIS and advanced mapping services. 

Our staff has over 40 years of combined experience in the field of surveying. Every one of us dedicated to providing our clients with great service.

Awards & Testimonials

We wanted a building that was exactly inside of  setbacks lines. Galldo's staff understood that.

-- Barry Level, Acme Enterprises

I'm afraid of heights, but that didn't stop Galldo make a layout a single-story space for our real estate firm.

-- Sophia Phobia, Main Street Realty

William Fernandez
Office Manager

Graduated with a Bachelors in Geomatics from the College of Engineering at the University of Florida in 2005. William is an experienced licensed Surveyor in Training and has proudly worked with respected Engineering and Surveying companies for the past 10 years learning, supervising and managing many projects. 

Alejandro Gallardo

Field Work Manager

Alejandro has been working for more a lot of years with the most advanced technologies directly in the field. He has experience in large construction projects, mapping with drone technology, robotic technologies and more. His most outstanding work was his ten years at Benchmark LS with Jane Vasquez and Ken Zarrio (P.S.M..)